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The Full Story

Who We Are

DG Fine Arts is a 501(c)3 academic enrichment organization that is dedicated to the research, recording, and preservation of African-American American music and dance genres through culturally relevant resources and experiences for students and teachers in underserved communities.

What We Do

Since 2018, we have served the Dallas/Ft. Worth community by providing qu(ALL)ity programming, mentorship, transportation and more for students, expanding their scope of opportunity for learning and cultural experiences. Expanding on our original core values of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Artistic Development, we are cultivating new and innovative resources that will prepare the next generation of Art Citizens.

How We Do It

DGFA offers a range of services for students, educational institutions, and community outreach. From private lessons to student festivals, to professional development and resources, DGFA is committed to providing culturally-relevant resources to programs dedicated to creating art citizens.

Our Core Values

  • Leadership​​

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Artistic Development

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